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Dated: January 12 2022

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Did you know that I give back 10% of my proceeds on every home I close? In this video, I’m going to introduce you to HomePACT, my program that gives back to the community. I’ll explain how it works and share some of my clients’ choices of charities to donate to.

The HomePACT Program

In 2021, I wanted to find a way to give back to my community through my business. I decided to create HomePact, a buyer and seller program that gives back with every closing. I allow my clients to pick a charity of their choice in which we will donate 10% of my proceeds.

The money is used to fund things such as housing, food, specific items for children, animals, veterans, domestic abuse, mental health, sobriety, churches, treatments and cures for diseases, and the list goes on. I'm very happy to report that in 2021, we were able to raise more than $15,000.

Let’s hear from some of the local residents that helped make this possible and long with some of the local organizations we donated to.

Kari & Brian

Kari and Brian have chosen to work with me as their realtor for several purchases and sales of property over the past few years. “We've chosen Renee due to her expertise in the field and her dedication to her clients and her community,” Kari says.

This is proven through the HomePACT program, and Kari’s happy to know that organizations, people, and even animals have benefited from my generosity. “Thank you, Renee, for many successful transactions in 2021,” she adds. “We look forward to helping the community in 2022.”

Chelsea & Dave

Chelsea and her husband, Dave, were living out of state and we were looking to move to Onalaska. One of Chelsea’s friends recommended me to be their realtor. “She was nothing short of fabulous,” Chelsea says.

The couple chose the Gundersen Lutheran Foundation because Chelsea’s mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The foundation had put on a symposium that anyone could join where they talked about what it means to live with Parkinson's, and Chelsea wanted to give back. “That really meant the world to my family,” Chelsea adds. “We learned so much. And I just think it's so cool that Renee gives 10% of the commission to a local charity.”

La Crosse Area Veteran Mentor Program

JT Savor is the Executive Director for the La Crosse Area Veterans Mentor Program. “Want to give a great big shoutout to Renee Heintz and Century 21 for your amazing donation this year,” JT says. “We really appreciate it.”

New Horizons Crisis Center

New Horizons shelter and outreach centers have been providing free and confidential safety and services to victims of abuse since 1978, with locations in Toronto and La Crosse counties. As with any nonprofit, they rely on the generosity of the community to ensure continued provision of services to those who need them.

“On behalf of those we serve, our volunteers, board members, and staff,” New Horizons says, “our sincerest appreciation to you and your clientele for the generous donation in 2020.”

Onalaska PD K-9 Unit

Officer Rich Elias works with the Onalaska Police department. Joined by his K-9, Muri, he says, “I want to thank Renee Heintz and her clients from HomePACT. Without their donations, the program wouldn't be possible.”

Donations made to the Onalaska PD K-9 Unit go towards the K-9s, food, and equipment needed to make sure the program remains successful. “I want to thank you for your past and continued support,” Officer Elias adds. We’re equally happy to donate to such a worthwhile cause.

WAFER Food Pantry

Erin Waldhart is the director of WAFER Food Pantry in La Crosse. “ I just want to take a minute to thank Renee for all the great promotion and the awareness that is created through HomePACT,” Erin says. “WAFER was a recipient of HomePACT funds this year, and we're super grateful for that opportunity.”

The food pantry uses donated funds to provide food to people that don't always have enough to put on the table at mealtime. Donations also help create awareness for the different services and opportunities that people have in the La Crosse area, allowing them to have access to resources.

WAFER serves about 1,200 to 1,300 families every month. Support from HomePACT, individuals, businesses and many other donors in our community makes it possible to carry out their mission’s work.

Pork Chops Pot Bellied Paradise

“Renee, this thank you is long overdue,” Heather Armstrong tells us. “You were my first donation ever to Pork Chops Pot Bellied Paradise. I never accepted one before and, ironically, my husband said to make it official because I've never turned an animal down.”

Heather takes in pigs that aren't adoptable. Heather didn’t take the pig of my client that chose Heather’s charity. Why? Because, according to Heather, my client did everything right. She had her pig fixed, and he was loved and cared for; Heather knew he would find a home. “I take in the ones that people just can't house anymore,” Heather says, “or who aren’t fixed or have some bad behavior.”

Donations go to hoof trimming, feed, and straw and hay for bedding. It's a lot of work, Heather adds, as the pigs get their hooves done multiple times a year. Caring for the pigs is also a big, physical job. My client’s donation is going a long way and is definitely getting Heather and the pigs through winter.

“I can't thank you enough,” she says. “If there were more organizations or more businesses doing things like this, the community would be an amazing place; the world would be a much better place. So thank you for thinking of me, it really, truly will go a long way.”

Supporting The Community

HomePACT allows my clients to raise money for local charities of their choice every time they buy or sell a house. 10% of my commission from each transaction I close will be donated to an organization of my client’s choice. If for any reason they don't have a charity in mind, then I will choose one for them.

The goal is to support local charities with donations raised throughout the year and make an impact right here in our community. So if you know of anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate within the local area, including Wisconsin and Minnesota, please share my name with them. I'm grateful for your business and also grateful that we found a way to pay it forward to others who are in need.

Thanks to you all for helping in making an impact. I'm looking forward to making an even bigger impact in the community in 2022. Make sure to subscribe to my channel to hear more about the HomePACT program in the future, and stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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