Dos And Donts Of Home Staging

Dated: March 30 2022

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Do's and Don'ts of Staging a Home

By Renee Heintz - Century 21 Affiliated

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When you’re preparing to sell your house, many improvements and preparatory steps can make the property more appealing to buyers. One of the most accessible and cost-effective is home staging, which involves redecorating and rearranging a home to bring out its best qualities for visitors. If you’re new to this process, here are several strategies for what you should and shouldn't do.



The first step in staging a home is to pare down the contents so that you only show the bare minimum for comfort and decorative appeal. A house which looks lived-in can be unappealing to potential buyers, who may wonder how quickly it will take you to move out and what condition the property will be in by the time they move in.

Since you’re planning to relocate, you can save time and effort by combining this step with packing. Sort your belongings into groups for what you plan to donate, sell, and throw away. Then, pack any extraneous items, and consider investing in a storage unit to contain the belongings while you sell your house.

Maximize natural light.

sell your house

One of the most appealing aspects to potential homebuyers is a brightly-lit home. Natural light is especially useful, as it makes the space feel fresh, clean, and airy. You can enhance natural light levels by removing bulky window treatments, leaving the curtains and windows open when guests are touring the property, and adding a few mirrors for extra illumination.


Display personal items.

One of the primary aims of home staging is to encourage visitors to imagine themselves in the space and what they can do with the decor. This can be difficult for them to do if you have many personal items around the property. Generally, avoid leaving any belongings or decorations in place which refer to politics, religion, or other aspects of personal taste or beliefs. Removing these makes the property appealing to as many buyers as possible.

Buy new furniture.

It might be tempting to make an impression on prospective buyers by investing in new furniture. However, this can be a problem if visitors are planning on moving their own furniture into the home. Instead, focus on repairing or refurbishing existing furniture to make it as appealing as possible.


When you need someone to help stage and sell your home, contact Renee Heintz CENTURY 21 Affiliated. Serving clients throughout La Crosse, WI and Rochester, MN, this real estate agent has over 20 years of experience. She puts the needs of her clients first when preparing properties for sale and finding buyers prepared to make good offers. Call (608) 792-2664 to schedule a meeting, and visit her website for more information.

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